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About us

- Nails Books is an online advertising company specifically dedicated to the Nails sector, the company was first established in the city of Charlotte, North CarolinaNailsbooks is created to contribute to the aesthetic sector of the growing Vietnamese’s nail salon businesses in the community.  To attract more customers for nail salons and to offers consumers a vast marketplace of unbeatable deals.

   The company's investment strategy is based on the harmonious combination of business interest and customer benefits, with practical service and efficiency to help businesses grow and operate more effectively.  The company wishes to improve the quality of nail salon businesses in order to help the Vietnamese community in the US, and to contribute to the socioeconomic development of the country.

Our mission is to bridge of all nail salon businesses in 50 states with their customers through
Nailsbooks is ready to work with all partners on the basis of equality and mutual benefit.  Nailsbooks want to build a global network of Nails businesses, firstly by supporting local businesses.
- Company members: The company is committed to creating a work environment that is favorable to everyone, where members can maximize their capacity, talent, and ambition.  The contributions and dedication of each member is what will help the company move forward. 

The company was developed with a vision to increase customer interest in the nail salons industry through commercial service, and to create a networking opportunity for nail salons owner and workers through NailsBooks. Within the state of North Carolina there are more than 1,500 nail salons. If all business owners in this sector participate to create a community of networks were we can learn and support one another to improve service quality which is the common interests of all business owners and workers in the nail salon business.
- We are the pioneers that created this online advertising industry for local nail salon businesses, with the goal of continuing to improve and perfect our site design through innovation and mobile applications (Mobile App), with the focus on customer service and sharing online promotion.
We hope to build the world's largest online Nails marketing service providing what our customers need, anytime, anywhere. We call for the investment of businesses in the nail salon sector to contribute to the development of NailsBooks global network of this business sector. 

About us